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iPhone Photo Project – Premonition


A recent image captured in transit. The morning was a little cool and the bluish tinge of this leaf served as a premonition of the coming Winter.

Destination Unknown

Leading Home - Rail Tracks (HDR effect)

I’ve never kept a structured record of events in my life, until recently, through the photographs I’ve taken. Now, I wish that I’d pursued photography when fascinated by it as a young boy. But then, there was little that did not catch my interest at that age, at least until I had exhausted my curiosity and moved on.

Seems fitting that the image I choose to start this blog is one of train tracks stretching out into the distance, destination unknown. I hope that you’ll join me on the journey and take the time to share your thoughts on the images shared. I hope that we will all learn from each other and, in the end, be better photographers and, more so, better people for the experience.

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Photographer: Steve Osborne

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Contact Steve to discuss your photography requirements at info@ardeona.com.